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Since 1959, the Colloquium is ITM’s yearly flagship scientific conference, funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation. Every other year the Colloquium takes place in a partner country of ITM. In 2018, ITM teams up with its partner organisations in Cambodia.

ITM colloquia bring together thousands of experts from the global South and North to discuss the most pressing scientific questions in tropical medicine and international health. The 59th ITM Colloquium will build on this tradition by taking on one of the defining global health challenges of our times.

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Antibiotic resistance is a global public health threat. It is a multidisciplinary challenge to communities, patients, health services, laboratories and health policies. The 59th Colloquium of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITM) and its Cambodian partners will feature the latest clinical, biomedical and public health research on antibiotic resistance.

Experts from the Mekong region and around the world will also discuss how this research can be translated into evidence-based policy. They will also address agricultural and livestock production practices in a “One Health” approach to contain antibiotic resistance. The Colloquium will offer a platform for researchers, health professionals and policy makers to identify how key research findings can contribute to solutions and inform policy-making.

The five pillars for  the containment of antibiotic resistance identified by the Word Health Organization will be used to structure the content of the colloquium:

  • Improving awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance through effective communication, education and training.
  • Strengthening the knowledge and evidence base through surveillance and research.
  • Reducing the incidence of infection through effective sanitation, hygiene and infection prevention measures.
  • Optimising the use of antimicrobial medicines in human and animal health.
  • Developing the economic case for sustainable investment that takes account of the needs of all countries and to increase investment in new medicines, diagnostic tools, vaccines and other interventions.    

December 5-7

Cambodiana Hotel
Phnom Penh

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Organising committee

Lut Lynen (ITM)
Jan Boeynaems (ITM)
Michèle Bruyneel (ITM)
Cleo Maerivoet (ITM)
Willem van de Put (ITM)
Roeland Scholtalbers (ITM)
Chhea Chhorvann (NIPH)
Heng Sopheab (NIPH)
Ir Por (NIPH)
Ly Penh Sun (NIPH)
Tho Sochantha (CNM)
Thai Sopheak (Center of Hope)

Scientific committee

Jan Jacobs (ITM) – co-chair
Chhea Chhorvann (NIPH) – co-chair
Stijn Deborggraeve (ITM)
Koen Peeters (ITM)
Pierre Dorny (ITM)
Wim Van Damme (ITM)
Marjan Peeters (ITM)
Erika Vlieghe (UA)
Ir Por (NIPH)
Uk Vichea (NCHADS)
Phe Thong (Center of Hope)
Mao Sokny (CNM)
Bart Jacobs (GIZ)
Heiman Wertheim (Radboud University)
Juan Carrique-Mas (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit)
Liz Ashley (Oxford University)
Miliya Thyl (Angkor Hospital for Children)
Paul Turner (Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit)
Sothyra Tum (NAHPRI)
Amaury Peeters (Louvain Coopération)